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Current Camera Roll

My niece Alia almost 3


Old school cable


Eggs over medium


Olivia with Polamatic 


Early morning from my porch


My 4 year old neighbor Lyric  


Bella Vita Shop in Oakland


Camiell posing for new Veronica Rock collection


Trailer crush


Elsa is 7


All photos taken with an iPhone 5, I will be upgrading to the new 6s primarly for the 12MP camera. You can follow me on instagram here.




all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Top Ramen

Recently, I've discovered the wonders of Ramen, a popular Japanese noodle dish that most Americans have only experianced in its lowest "cup of soup" form. Authentic Ramen resturants have become very popular here and it really is nothing like the cheapie version many of us grew up with. I decided to try making my own home version since I don't have a good Ramen place near by. It is actually very easy and a perfect dish for the coming seasons, it can also be very healthy.

First I found a good pre-packaged basic Ramen that was also healthy. This Annie Chun's version is perfect, simple and low in fat but a touch on the bland side. So I add a little Sriracha and some of the egg marinade (see below) to kick it up a bit. Very easy to prepare and each bag is just one serving, which makes portion control easy.

I think the real key is the egg, you can just fry or poach an egg but I found this very easy traditional Ramen egg how to by Nami at Just One Cookbook and it really is worth the effort. Basically you marinate overnight soft boiled eggs in a mixture of soy sauce, Mirin and water. I add the marinated egg to the broth as it cooks to warm it up and cook the yoke a bit more for a more custard style center. These eggs are also yummy just on their own or try them in a salad.

I am lucky to have an Asian market in my hood where I pick up pickled ginger and pre-made radish and bean sprout salads (think Korean BBQ style) that I add as some of my "toppings". I also add scallion and throw in some frozen peas just as the broth begins to boil. I finish it with a spinkle of a Japanese pepper blend called Shichimi Togarash. Tasty and very filling!




all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


The Art of the Photo Booth

A favorite post I created for Lesley Evers blog which I thought worthy of a re-post here on Pie. There is something so transporting about vintage photo booth images... these tiny visual time capsules are both mysterious and incredibly reveling. The old school selfies of a bygone era. Taken back when people dressed up to take a photo or even to go to dinner for that matter. I love everything about them, from the expressions, cloths and period style to the rips, creases and other signs of age. 

You can still find a few of these vintage machines, if you look hard enough. Like this one at West Egg in Atlanta. A great place for breakfast and cupcakes, fyi!

You can still find this fun postcard book which is made up of actual postcards that you can pull out and mail. Or you can make your own on your smart phone with this app from Hipstomatic.





all top montage and other photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Current Snackage

I had one of those eureka moments last week when I decided to dip my favorite summer treat into one of my other favorite treats. Cherries meet Nutella.

You're welcome.


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Fresh Kawaii

Pretty new shoot for Lesley Evers who has a lot of her spring items on sale! We did this shoot at a beautiful house in Mill Valley with a custom made tree house. 

The house was full of amazing treasures including a massive Pez dispenser collection and beautiful art. However it was this little mid century painted tea tin that captured my heart. So good!


I had to say goodbye to the tin but I did get lucky last weekend at an estate sale in Pasadena with this beautiful Rendl Original Ostrich purse. They had priced all the vintage bags the same but this is proof that not all purses are created equal. Theodore Rendl was known for innovative design using exotic leathers and are highly sought after, especially in pristine condition. This one, made in the mid 50s is near perfect for it's age, find more details here. Or if you anywhere near the Glendale/Montrose area this Sunday, come by my new booth at the Havest Market. I will be selling lots of fresh, locally grow vintage items from 9am-2pm!



all photos & content © Lara Rossignol  Model: Molly for Scout Hair & Make Up Tahni Smith 


Update: Local Goods

The Harvest Market is a local farmers style market in Montrose, a charming part of Glendale. Just minutes from me, I was excited to find out about this weekly event. Which along with fresh locally grown produce, also sells baked goods, crafts, collectables and antiques plus an interesting array of street food. Taking up about two blocks of Honolulu street, it is easy to find parking, grab a coffee and stroll the many stalls. 

Lots of yummy food including baked good and these fantastic fresh tamales.


They also have a great little flea market area and I am excited to announce that along with my friend Annette we will be setting up our own booth this weekend. Taking my Fresh Pie Etsy shop to the streets! I have always wanted to try this and finally decided to give it a shot. If you are in the area please stop by and say Hi! Pie readers will of course get the best deals! I will have lots of the stuff featured in my shop and much more.




all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Something About Marcy

Marcy and her daughter Julia

I first met Marcy Cravat when we both attended Art Center College back in the mid 80s. Though we were both raised in Southern California our experiences growing up could not have been more different. Despite having a father who was a well known character actor who's best friend was a bonafide movie legend. Marcy had rarely ventured from her home in "the valley" over the hill into the Hollywood area. While I had been hanging out there ever since I had gotten my first buss pass in Junior High. Despite that, Marcy has taken her amazing photographic eye and set it behind a very different lens working in film. Last year she directed her first full length documentary, Angel Azul. The project started out as a simple profile of a renown coral reef artist and turned into an ecological cautionary tale and has now caught the attention and acclaim of several film festivals.


 The sculptor is Jason deCaires Taylor and the film is beautifully photographed and explores how we are all inextricably connected to the ocean and that the choices we make today will determine what we leave to future generations. Marcy is now working hard to win a grant that would allow Angel Azul to be screened in public schools where they cannot afford screening fees. You can help by just clicking on this link and voting via your Facebook account. Feel free to share as well!



all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Pie Archive: Miss Mickey Monroe

Many moons ago, I shot a british model who had been dubbed Mickey "Monroe" because of her resemblance to the famous icon. It became the first of an on going pin up calendar project concieved and styled by the very talented Jonathan Skow also known to some as Mr. Turk. I did this shoot in my little dinning room in Echo Park a few months before I moved to NYC. You really can make a studio almost anywhere.

Talk about lost and found, the strip above fell out of an envelope yesterday as I searched my files for another shoot. I could find no trace of Mickey on the internet... though there is a male model/singer with the same name. 

Miss March, I scanned this from the actual finished calendar, it was one of the simpilist shots we did and remains one of my favorites. I think it has the feel of an old publicity still.

Hair by Tony Lucha  Make up by Jetty Stutzman 



all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Pie Archive: Picnic in the City

Sweet Auburn Curb Market is located just off Edgewood in Atlanta and has plays host to some fantastic street food picnics. Allowing some of the city's top food trucks to set up shop in it's parking lot. With it's own share of tasty vendors inside, it makes for a foodie field day!

By following the Atlanta Street Food Coalition on facebook I find out when these events are scheduled. This one had trucks like Yumbii, Weside Creamery and Good Food on hand. Plus some free samples from a few of the markets permanent residents located just inside.

 Like this amazing cheese cakes served up by Sweet Auburn Bakery located just inside the main entrance. I chose the sweet potato and it was like a sweet potato pie and a cheese cake had a baby! So tasty and the generous sample above was just the perfect cap to my lunch!

All their goods are baked on site, which includes a variety of breads as well as luscious desserts. Best of all you don't have to wait for a picnic, they are open Mon-Sat.

The market also houses Grindhouse Killer Burgers and killer they are. I tried  the "Cowboy"a few weeks ago, loaded with bacon, cheddar, onion ring & bbq sauce, plus I added avocado. This as a lunch special with fries and a drink was just over $10. 


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


When in Doubt Twirl!

Baton Bob is an Atlanta Fixture, a street performer who often practices his craft in his midtown neighborhood. I still remember catching sight of him for the first time marching by throwing his baton with ease. I could not help but admire his spirit and everytime I saw him it made me smile. I was then asked by Atlanta Magazine to photograph him for a speical issue and immediately this favorite signage came to mind as the perfect location. Hoping this brings a smile to your face as you head into your weekend. I've also created a new Spring promo code for my etsy shop just for Piewacket followers! Get 15% off with: IREADPIE at check out. Goody indeed!


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Happy Birthday Your Majesty

 Today Queen Elizabeth turns 89 years young. The longest reining British monarch of all time, surpassing Queen Victoria in 2007. Now as she begins her 90th year, she (and all the world) await the birth of her 2nd Great Grandchild... and many are hoping that another little princess might again play in the palace. Could we have an Elizabeth III on the horizon? No one is saying... I am thinking Diana Elizabeth would be very pretty.


Becoming a Queen so early its easy to forget that she was also a young woman, well actually a young Princess. A Royal Night Out is being released next month and is the first film to feature her at this age. Even though she was the first in line to the throne, it was usually her flashier younger sister, Princess Margaret that grabbed headlines. I can't wait for this movie, you can check out the trailer here.


That she even became Queen was the result of one the most infamous events in British Royal History. Only third in line until her Uncle, Edward VIII abdicated so he could marry a divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson. Her Father then became King and she would follow after his death in 1952. In several recent estate sale picks I've come across several vintage Elizabeth items including some unique souvenirs created for the Coronation event. I especially love this tray photographed by Karsh. All of these finds are featured in my Etsy shop along with a beautiful vintage Queen inspired Hermes scarf labeled "Regina" and in this fun treasury I curated along with other fab royal finds.


If all this has put you in the mood for some royal entertainment let me recommend a few of my favorites. First up has to be The Queen with a remarkable performance by Helen Mirren. The Queen's Sister is a juicy tale of the before mentioned, Princess Margaret, the Prince Harry of her generation. Then there is the excellent telling of one of the greatest royal romances with Young Victoria who's fabled true love was unique in the tradition of arranged political marriages. Then if you want to go a little further back to Queen Elizabeth I, you are in for a treat with a wonderful turn by Cate Blanchett as the famous Virgin Queen in Elizabeth. That might also spark your interest in my current addiction, Wolf Hall on PBS, yet another telling of her parent's infamous relationship but through the fresh perspective of a court lawyer. 



tray photo & content © Lara Rossignol


Our Miss Brooks

I have recently adopted a new rescue kitty, a little ginger tabby just 3 years old I've dubbed Miss Louise Brooks. Lulu for short. It has been a while since I've had a female cat and she has the sweetest demeanor. Her big quirk (and my cats always seem to have at least one) is she is extremely shy. To the point that I had to do some research and seek much advice. I am following this plan by creating a safe little space in my office so she can get use to me and her new environment. I also let her burrow under my sheets where she seems happy and content for hours on end. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle but flinches at every sound. I am patient though and all and all she has been very easy and a welcomed distraction as I morn Mr. Finch. Which begs the question... who is really "rescued" by a rescue animal?


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Pie Archive: Love is Strange & Inspiring

Resurrecting this post, part of a blogging mash up started by sfgirlbybay who asked what "what inspires you?". Many many things do, so you might think it hard to choose. It wasn't. Without hesitation the single biggest influence for me are Films and the first one that always comes to my mind is the haunting masterpiece Badlands. It was written and directed by Terrence Malick and released in 1973.

Based loosely on the Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate case, who are considered the first American spree killers. It is a compelling story told with careful restraint by Malick and rich imagery from cinematographer Tak Fujimoto. So beautiful is the photography in this film, I have shown it in full to some of my classes.

This is one of my favorite sequences in the film, the imagery combined with Sissy's narration and the incredible score by George Aliceson Tipton. Below an interesting British promotion for its release, notice the "X" rating.

A few years ago in NYC, I got the opportunity to photograph Sissy Spacek for a magazine. I can honestly say, despite all the famous people I have shot, I have never really been in awe of anyone, till this assignment. She put me quickly at ease though, her own nervousness about being photographed apparent. Then she asked if we had any beer, even though it was a rental studio there just happened to be single can of Budweiser in the fridge. She just had a few sips but it helped her relax. A  true Texas girl, she grew up twirling a baton and it was featured in the movie in a scene where she first meets Sheen's character. I brought a baton and she actually twirled it for me, fun images but is the ethereal image below that remains my favorite.

To see what inspires Victoria the creator of the amazing blog sfgirlbybay, pre-order her new book! See San Francisco due out April 28th!




all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


The Junkin' Life

Pickin', Junkin', hunting... whatever you want to call it... the search for unique treasures has become a bit more than a hobby for me. It is now a second job! As I mention in my newly posted shop's "About" page, instead of just selling stuff from own collections, I am now seeking out items just to sell. I guess I have become what some in the estate sale biz call "a dealer", all a part of making my etsy store more than just a little hobby.


Rising often before the sun and following the wise, patient voice of my GPS, I often arrive hours before a sale to sign up on "the list". Not once have I been the first, I am lucky if I am in the top ten. I pack a kind of estate sale survival kit, with a small bag to hold my wallet, phone and keys (a lot of sale organizers will not allow you to bring in large purses), a snack, coffee, my reading glasses at the ready on a leash and a shopping bag or more recently a basket, ala Little Red! If I am driving some distance, I might search out ahead for a nearby Starbucks for a pit stop after I get my name on the list.


I have already spent much time researching on this site which sales I want to go to, based on photos they post and location. I also check out Craig's list and am on the mailing lists for a few companies whose sales I like. I see a lot of the same faces and really enjoy chatting with some of them as we line up. Like many things, it has its own culture and attracts a very mixed bag of peeps. As mentioned above you can now follow my junkin life on Instagram and post your own via #estatesalejunkie. If you see something you like on there, just make a comment or email me! Selling directly through Instagram is a big trend right now and I'm nothing if not trendy! 



all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Pie Archive: Lust Worthy

A look back at two posts I did on this fun shoot I did on this Lustron house for Readymade Magazine while in Atlanta. Here is my take on Sarah Kathryn Smith's metal diamond in the rough. I just loved shooting this project and capturing Sarah's fun, funky style. She hunted down the curtain fabric above after seeing it used on an episode of Madmen.

Sarah was actually shown her Lustron home as a "tear down" but she saw the potential and was fascinated by it's history. A former Scarlett O'Hara impersonator and owner of her own booming match making company, she is not afraid of a challenge. Above she wears a 50's tea dress from Witty Vintage.

She fashioned these curtains from two different sets she found at Target. The glass beads add a little sparkle with the afternoon light.

Working on a tight budget while trying to maintain the retro integrity was not easy. Especially in the kitchen which had suffered the most damage over the years. Here she opened up the kitchen by replacing the large built in with this cool industrial island. She used salvaged granite for the counters, IKEA metal cabinets and found her working vintage stove on the side of the road.

One of our many "cover tries"... I fell in love with this original built in shelve. Local Altanta bakery Sweet Pockets provided these very tasty props, red velvet cupcakes.

Sarah rocked this retro perfect dress by Lesley Evers which almost made the cover! 

This is the rough mock up (before retouching) I was sent, so kawaii! They decided to go with another shoot that illustrated the getaway theme of the issue. I have to admit it is pretty cute too. I love this mag, can't wait till they come out with an iPad version!

How do you hang a picture on a metal wall? Magnets of course! This lampshade makeover was a fun, easy, no sew project that I took to Whipstitch and they whipped together. I paid $3 for the lamp at a thrift store and only used about $3 in fabric so it is both cute and cheap, my two favorite things. You can get the low down on the "how to" here.


I had never heard of Lustron Homes till about a week ago when I was contacted to do the shoot. Introduced in 1947 they were a modern marvel at the time, a pre-fab house made completely of enamel coated steel. Both inside and out!

The company was based in Columbus, Ohio and shipped the homes, designed by Morris Beckman, all over the country. The houses originally sold for between 8,000-9,500 and were then assembled on site. Of the over 50,000 homes sold in the companies short 3 year existence, only about 2000 still remain standing.

Easy maintenance was a big selling feature but hold on...doesn't water + metal= rust?

They have now developed almost a cult like following with several sites devoted to the history and documenting of these little gems. I found both Lustron Connection and Lustron Preservation very informative. There has even been a film and books on the subject. 

Well at least one of those homes made it to the Atlanta.

Sadly, Readymade Magazine has not survived as well, it ceased publication in 2011.



top photos & content © Lara Rossignol

styled by Christa Leveto ~ hair & make up by Faith Brooks


Spring Y'all

I do miss the South in the spring, there is just nothing else like the it. I tried to relish the delight of driving through my old historic Grant Park neighborhood while I could. 

Most of all I miss the dogwood. You just don't see it out here! Even though it only last a few weeks at most, it is almost worth the price of admission. It is also the national flower of Vancouver BC as I discovered with this great find, now available in my etsy shop. I am also making available limited editions of this image above in either 8.5 x 11 or 11 X14 archival prints. Plus today is the last day to get 20% off when you spend $50 or more by using promo code: ILOVEFRESHPIE at check out. 

For more Dogwood goodness check out my full Etsy Treasury



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It's Happening

I am happy to annouce I am teaming up with photographer Stephanie Wiley to do a series of workshops starting in May. They will be held over 3 weekends, one a month at Stephanie's studio in Montrose, California and limited to 12 students a session. So excited! Lots more details to come very soon so stay tuned.


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Pie Archive: Porch Party

How I love my new porch and this pretty patio set I scored at the Rosebowl Flea. It was a "worse for the wear" white but I had it made over by the amazing guys at Sundial Powder Coating who you may remember also transformed this iKea cart. Now I have the perfect place to entertain on a lovely spring  or summer day.

A salad is a great choice for a small or large group. Easy to make ahead (just do not add dressing till right before serving) and you don't have the worry of timing a complicated entree.

For my "cobb-ish" I started with a mix of baby spinach and butter lettuce, then added red onion, avocado, bacon, chicken and goat cheese instead of blue. Then dressing was made with aioli mustard (from Trader Joe's, love this stuff), red wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, a dash of Worcestershire Sauce and salt & pepper.

I've mentioned fried green tomatoes before, they are a southern favorite and easy to make. Green tomatoes are just red tomatoes that have not yet ripened. I was able to find  some at my local Sprouts.

I mix corn meal and flour, some bay seasoning and garlic powder and then dip the sliced tomatoes into a mixture of egg and low fat buttermilk, then dredge in your dry mix, then put into a hot pan. I used the left over bacon fat (from the salad) to fry them. This is really the key for a true southern style taste. On top, a cilantro dressing with a touch of sriracha mixed in.

I made my life easy by picking up a ready made "mini" cherry pie, also from Sprouts. Everything else I picked up at Trader Joe's, naturally. 

Check out this book, it had the best reviews of the many TJ's cookbooks I discovered.





all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Sweet Pie Finds

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed I have been on quite the estate sale tangent lately. Partly to build up the inventory in my Etsy shop and partly because I'm a bit addicted to the thrill of the hunt. A wise woman once told me for every thing that comes into her home something else must go out. This way you can avoid that hole hoarding issue. Very smart. I find Etsy a really good, user friendly venue for both the casual seller and the serious collector. So here are some recent scores now available in my shop, starting with this early rare Nippon Kogaku Tokyo lens made for first series of Nikon Range Finder gear.


Probably one of my best finds ever is this beautiful original piece by Harris G. Strong, a popular mid century modern artist who started out with painted tiles and then later experimented with mixed medias. This is an embossed and then hand painted bird on an unusual treated paper with a beautiful glittery gold finish. Professionally matted and framed, signed and marked on the back with his studio sticker.


I am also featuring both some of my own original prints from my archive, like this 11x14  fiber print of Patrick Swayze original commissioned for the magazine I shot him for but never published. I am always on the look out for unique photos and this one really struck me. Dated 1928, this stylish lass with her Louise Brooks bob really caught my eye. 

Another fun Mid Century Modern find was this California pottery Mardi Gras covered dish by Marc Bellaire whose pieces are highly collectable but on the rare side. Especially this style of covered dish, which by nature are a bit delicate. This one is in almost mint condition, it does have a chip on the inside of the lid but luckily it does not effect it cosmetically and the rest of it is pristine.


 I now take all major credit cards and etsy gift cards along with Paypal. I also created this promo code good through the month of March! Just use the code: ILOVEFRESHPIE at checkout and get 15% off when you spend $50 or more. Enjoy and check back often as I contiune to add new items.


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol



I've been re-organizing a lot of my archives and when I have a chance, posting some of my finds on Instagram. Like this favorite image of Kendall Conrad, then a favorite model now an amazing designer. The original image was shot with Polapan and then reshot with my iphone on a light box with th ehipstamtic app. Below more of my recent posts, both old and new images.

Above you might spot a very young Milla Jovovich, Mairah O'Brien, James Spader, Jana Rajlich, photographer/director Dewey Nicks and the parents of a certain muse of mine riding a motorcylce. 



all photos & content © Lara Rossignol