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It's Happening

I am happy to annouce I am teaming up with photographer Stephanie Wiley to do a series of workshops starting in May. They will be held over 3 weekends, one a month at Stephanie's studio in Montrose, California and limited to 12 students a session. So excited! Lots more details to come very soon so stay tuned.


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Pie Archive: Porch Party

How I love my new porch and this pretty patio set I scored at the Rosebowl Flea. It was a "worse for the wear" white but I had it made over by the amazing guys at Sundial Powder Coating who you may remember also transformed this iKea cart. Now I have the perfect place to entertain on a lovely spring  or summer day.

A salad is a great choice for a small or large group. Easy to make ahead (just do not add dressing till right before serving) and you don't have the worry of timing a complicated entree.

For my "cobb-ish" I started with a mix of baby spinach and butter lettuce, then added red onion, avocado, bacon, chicken and goat cheese instead of blue. Then dressing was made with aioli mustard (from Trader Joe's, love this stuff), red wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, a dash of Worcestershire Sauce and salt & pepper.

I've mentioned fried green tomatoes before, they are a southern favorite and easy to make. Green tomatoes are just red tomatoes that have not yet ripened. I was able to find  some at my local Sprouts.

I mix corn meal and flour, some bay seasoning and garlic powder and then dip the sliced tomatoes into a mixture of egg and low fat buttermilk, then dredge in your dry mix, then put into a hot pan. I used the left over bacon fat (from the salad) to fry them. This is really the key for a true southern style taste. On top, a cilantro dressing with a touch of sriracha mixed in.

I made my life easy by picking up a ready made "mini" cherry pie, also from Sprouts. Everything else I picked up at Trader Joe's, naturally. 

Check out this book, it had the best reviews of the many TJ's cookbooks I discovered.





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Sweet Pie Finds

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed I have been on quite the estate sale tangent lately. Partly to build up the inventory in my Etsy shop and partly because I'm a bit addicted to the thrill of the hunt. A wise woman once told me for every thing that comes into her home something else must go out. This way you can avoid that hole hoarding issue. Very smart. I find Etsy a really good, user friendly venue for both the casual seller and the serious collector. So here are some recent scores now available in my shop, starting with this early rare Nippon Kogaku Tokyo lens made for first series of Nikon Range Finder gear.


Probably one of my best finds ever is this beautiful original piece by Harris G. Strong, a popular mid century modern artist who started out with painted tiles and then later experimented with mixed medias. This is an embossed and then hand painted bird on an unusual treated paper with a beautiful glittery gold finish. Professionally matted and framed, signed and marked on the back with his studio sticker.


I am also featuring both some of my own original prints from my archive, like this 11x14  fiber print of Patrick Swayze original commissioned for the magazine I shot him for but never published. I am always on the look out for unique photos and this one really struck me. Dated 1928, this stylish lass with her Louise Brooks bob really caught my eye. 

Another fun Mid Century Modern find was this California pottery Mardi Gras covered dish by Marc Bellaire whose pieces are highly collectable but on the rare side. Especially this style of covered dish, which by nature are a bit delicate. This one is in almost mint condition, it does have a chip on the inside of the lid but luckily it does not effect it cosmetically and the rest of it is pristine.


 I now take all major credit cards and etsy gift cards along with Paypal. I also created this promo code good through the month of March! Just use the code: ILOVEFRESHPIE at checkout and get 15% off when you spend $50 or more. Enjoy and check back often as I contiune to add new items.


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I've been re-organizing a lot of my archives and when I have a chance, posting some of my finds on Instagram. Like this favorite image of Kendall Conrad, then a favorite model now an amazing designer. The original image was shot with Polapan and then reshot with my iphone on a light box with th ehipstamtic app. Below more of my recent posts, both old and new images.

Above you might spot a very young Milla Jovovich, Mairah O'Brien, James Spader, Jana Rajlich, photographer/director Dewey Nicks and the parents of a certain muse of mine riding a motorcylce. 



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Fly Me to the Moon!

My most favorite series from a recent shoot with my twin niece and nephew, just over 4 months old at the time. Done mostly in-camera, using photoshop mainly for compositing the best elements. I made the rocket myself with construction paper and the vintage flyer's cap actually belonged to wee Daniel's Great Grandfather who was a fighter pilot in World War II. If you are in or coming to the L.A. area feel free to inquire about a session for your child(ren)! Just click the handy email button on the left.



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Color Me Vintage

This coveted mid century modern cook ware is called Kobenstyle Dansk and the earliest pieces were manufactured in Denmark from 1959 to 1965. After that some pieces were also made in Belgium. The earlier pieces are the most desirable (like these) and are marked on the bottom with a disctinctive logo featuring 4 ducks. You can check out two of the above that are now available in my Etsy store. The middle saute pan being the most rare and I am keeping the little casserole pan for myself. The lids on these also acts as a trivit, so smart.


Also newly listed in my shop is this fantastic vintage Royal Typewriter, are rare find in this Bubblegum Pink. I have enjoyed this great find but recently found a very cool yellow Remington model and decided to swap it out and sell this one. I believe these were released in 1955 and it still works!


While on the hunt for things to sell I have begun expanding on my little collection of Kokeshi figures. A type of wooden doll made in Japan. This little kawaii guy is also a set of bowls.


Another recent find I hate to give up, these Bronze Deer Bookends.Beatuiful pair! These I'm selling excluisvly via Etsy while the others are also available with either an auction or best offer option on eBay. Hence the different pricing. Covering all my bases! You can also e-mail me directly if you are interested in an item but don't use these sites. I can also arrange for local pick up if you are in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area to save on shipping costs for heavier items. 


 I was able to get my hands on a few of these vintage style tote bags designed by Orla Kiely exclusivly for Tesco, a Target type store based in the UK. I am lucky to have a good friend there and she was able to send me a bunch. I have just a few extra available for $25 each including FREE U.S. shipping, to purchase just click the image above to go straight to the paypal check out. They are 16x13 and will be folded for shipping, only 3 available so don't wait! 



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Goodbye Mr. Finch

Last week Atticus lost his long battle with cancer, he no longer wanted to eat. Finally after struggling to find a solution with his wonderful Doctor we knew he was just too weak and it was time to let him go. If you have read my blog at all over the last few years then you know something of this amazing little creature. My heart is truly broken. I have loved and lost many wonderful pets but I have never had a bond quite like this one. He was a very special little guy.




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Old With Tags

I loved this $1 estate sale find because of the fab retro Alex Coleman fabric. The style... not so much. When it's this cheap, you can worry about what you'll do with it later. After considering selling it in my Etsy shop, I came up with a better ideal.

I'd been wanting to re-cover these chairs for a few months. It was kismet!


I love the whimsy and Scandinavian influence of this print, so perfect for my mid-century esthetic. You can see these chair's previous incarnation here. Changing out the fabric is such an easy DYI (this is the 3rd time for these!) that can really freshen up a room.



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Four Score...

Lincoln in Pasadena: 1992 Lincoln Ave. Pasadena CA 91103

Highlights: Olive Oil Cake!

Chef/Owner: Christine Moore

Known for: Little Flower Candy Co.






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New Year ~ New Work

I have been in edit mode since the new year with new work for Lesley Evers, Homespun Vintage & Getty who I just recently signed with. Fun stuff but lots of work. Next on the to do list, new portfolios!


Love this little face, Miss Scarlett for the retro kids clothing line Homespun Vintage


Over the holidays I did this super fun shoot for Getty with my nephew and his new born twins. A former minor league baseball player he is now an excellent personal trainer in the Santa Cruz area. 


See more of my newest work by clicking here!



Model :Ari for Scout Hair & Make Up Tahni Smith all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Hip to Be Square

I recently invested in a few new Hipstamatic filter sets after becoming a bit bored with what I already had. They give you different "films" and "lenes" all with different looks that can be combined in many ways for different results. Burke with Maximux LXIX


Adler 9009 with C-Type Plate then put through the Swankolab


 I found this cute vintage Kokeshi bobble head doll at an estate sale! She was photographed with the Sergio lens and Dylan film, then I did a little more tweaking in photoshop.


Nothing like a good dive pool hall with some seriously good tables and players. Jerry's in Pasadena has become my favorite place to practice and this photo captures the feel of this place pretty well. I used Sergio and the D-Type Plate.


Another photo app I am liking is Tadaa which has some unique filters. Above I used Berlin and U-Ban for these variations on an image taken with the built iPhone camera app.


Here I used Tadaa again on a photo I took for a retro beauty story I shot way back when. This was a scan of the original tear sheet, the martini part of the original story. I just sent it to my phone then used the "Souvenir" filter. It also has a nice feature that lets you dial back the filter so you can just use a little or a lot.





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Tis the Season



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Prime Time


Pie's Last Minute Gift Guide 2014!

If you're an Amazon Prime member then the fact that Christmas is just a week away is no biggie! Here are some extra groovy ideas that are all prime 2 day shipping eligible!

1. I am always looking for good point & shoots and the Luimex has great reviews and a whopping 16 megapixels! 2. I just discovered this Sagaform POP stoneware teapot and I want it! 3. I love these newly released classic books designed by Rifle Paper Company's Anna Bond. 4. I am in LOVE with these new Skechers Go shoes! I just got a pair and they are the most comfotable shoes ever... I mean it, ever! They are suppose to feel like wearing a sock and they do come close. I also think they are pretty sporty and come in a lot of diffent styles. 5. Whats not to love about this adorable satchel purse by Fossil? 6. There is nothing like receiving a real hand written thank you. This lovely set from Note Card Cafe is a great gift for teens, teach them young! 7. A little kawaii is always a good choice and you don't get more kawaii than this Aristo Katt Pillow. 8. I am sucker for all things Cavallini and this retro sticker set is no exception. 9. Finally, most of you know I am a Kindle fan and if you really love to read then I highly reccomend the basic Kindle which is on sale right now for $59. That price is for the one with speical offers and I actually really like that part. It's mostly books and I have discovered some good new authors via those offers. A great deal and a great, simple reader. 



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On the Hunt

Inspired by the show Thrift Hunters, I have been looking for new finds to both covet and sell. I fear I may covet a bit too much! So as a new item comes in I find another I can now part with (for the right price) to keep the circle going and the clutter from accumulating.

I found this little gem at an estate sale last weekend. A lot of the good stuff goes quick but it pays to wait for the final day when they often slash the prices 50%. I got a good deal on this Figgio Milk Jug from Norway. Though I was not too familiar with them, it was cheap enough to take a chance and after a little research I think I made a great find. It is now listed here

I am also combing through some of my own treasures and listing some select pieces, like this Atlanta made Bauer flower pot. Because Bauer was only in Atlanta a short time these pieces are much more rare and hence valuable. I lucked out getting it at a good price without really knowing the history. I have been selling on eBay off and on for over 12 years and have learned a thing or two. So I put together a list to help those who are thinking of diving in.


Pie's Ebay Selling Tips!  

  1. Get organized! Create an area (or room if possible) to set out and photograph your items. Have a measuring tape, pad of paper and pen ready to jot down important info and stats as you photograph them. 
  2. I photograph my items in area with good but indirect light. Clean simple backgrounds work best, you can even just hang up a white sheet. Never, ever use flash! Good photographs really help sell your items. A good point & shoot would be a better choice if you don't have a DSLR. If you must use a smart phone be sure to have it set for High Res images.
  3. I edit ALL my photos first and then put them in to one file for easy access. I keep the editing minimal; cropping, basic exposure corrections and sharpening. If there is a flaw in the item, make sure to highlight it with a close-up and refer to it in your description.
  4. Do your research! I do some before I decide to list it and more as I list it. This research ranges from looking at similar items that have already sold (check completed auctions in your search options) and google-ing for more history on the item. 
  5. Promote your items with your social networks and make sure you are using key words in your titles and descriptions. Also make sure everything is spelled correctly, I have picked up some good deals from people misspelling a key word.
  6. Shipping items is where a lot of people jump ship when it comes to selling. I actually like the packaging up of items (a little weird I know). Paypal now offers help with the process and you can do your mailing labels & pay online so you can just drop them up or hand them to your carrier!
  7. Print out a packing slip (again easy via Paypal) and I always write a little thank-you note on it. 
  8. I leave feedback after a buyer leaves it for me and if I am the buyer, after I get my item. Ebay is a lot about your rep!
  9. If something doesn't sell, trying RAISING the price when you re-list it. I have done this with a few pieces and suddenly there is interest when before there was none. 
  10. I start my auctions at the lowest price I am willing to take for the item, Ebay sometimes prompts you to lower the opening bid price "to cause interest" while listing. Bah humbug! 


This lady might look familiar to some of you. A vintage hand colored photo from Spain, which I re-photographed and then retouched and had made into a large canvas print for my office. Well the original can be yours! You can check out all my current listings and follow me by clicking here. I also cross list some items in my Etsy store at the "buy it now" price, if I get a bid I just deactivate it. Both platforms have their advantages so why not? One day I would love to have a little shop... but till then these will have to do!


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Pie Archive: Living Large

If I had a dollar for every inquiry I get about my equipment, I could have bought another one of these babies by now. In my former life, shooting film, I used Nikons and Hasselblads but chose Canon when I made the switch to digital 8 years ago. It was not a hard decision, I didn't have a huge investment in equipment, often renting what I needed and Canon seemed to have made the most strides in pro digital gear. 


I am in love with my Canon 5D Mark II which I bought back in February, upgrading from a 5D, which I had simply out-grown. You can now get pretty good deals on both of these excellent SLR's since Canon recently released a Mark III. Unless you are a full time Pro, I highly recommend saving your pennies and buying used or getting a slightly older camera body, or opt for one of the lower level models such as a 7D, Rebel or 60D, all of which perform well. It is the lenses that you want to invest your money in. This is what will really determine the quality of your images, well that and an understanding of light, composition and some innate talent & technical ability.


Canon's best lenses are their "L" series and part of what makes a good lens is the maximum aperture, the lower the number, the better the lens. My favorite, used on both images above is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L the "1.2L" being key in knowing this is a quality lens by the letter L and 1.2 is what allows me to open up the lens and get a beautiful shallow depth of field.


On the top of my wish list is their 85mm 1.2L lens. Fixed lenses (rather than zooms with multiple focal lengths) also tend to produce less distortion and are my personal preference. Though I do have a good 24-70, I often use. It really is all about the "glass".


I am also always on the hunt for a good camera bag that is also, dare I say, stylish! I just discovered some fantastic options by Kelly Moore. I especially love this one called the Libby with a built in memory card wallet and space enough for your gear and a laptop. If you travel a lot with your gear as I do, you might also like this excellent option by Think Tank.


If you're not quite ready for an SLR then I highly recommend Leica's d-Lux 6 a super compact point & shoot with the heart of an SLR. I was able to test out the 5 (above) and they have now just released the newest version to stellar reviews. Or you might be able to now pick up the previous model at a good price!



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Cyber Rocks!

Another client is offering up great savings with a week long Cyber Monday deal. Artisan designer, Karen Landon makes each of her unique hand forged pieces for her Veronica Rock collection to order. Truly beautiful jewelry with a little edge and you can save 35% now through the 8th with promo code: cyber7day

Plus free shipping!



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Friday is the New Black!

Do check out this mega kawaii sale my favortie designer Lesley Evers is having! Also standard shipping is free! Just use promocode: 40for4 at checkout! 


For my fellow Orla Kiely lovers I also found some great deals on these handbags and others on Amazon with their 25% off sale on handbags and shoes promotion.


Amazon has a lot of great deals including huges savings on their Kindles and I am currently selling this Kate Spade Kindle cover at a great price on eBay. As I continue to "celan house" I will be adding even more listings tomorrow which you can check out here.



all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Rose Colored Glasses

I just finished this new look book project for the wonderful kids line Homespun Vintage. I went with a slight hand colored look and rosy tint to the images, just like looking through rose colored glasses. Much work to get there but well worth the trip, that all starts with putting together a great team. This stunning young lady is Sadie from Zuri Models, hair & make up by Liz Rizo for Aim Artists and set & prop styling by Jess Hammer

Jett is another great new face from Zuri and I love the designer's fresh take on old school looks like this super cute Holiday Jacket.

Grace is wearing a unique 50's style corduroy overall dress and stripped leggings.

Kathlene and Corrie the designers behind the brand styled each look while giving me free rein to create my vision. I believe this kind of mutal respect is how you get the best results. You can see the rest of the shoot on my site here.


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Pies Pics for a Sleepless Nights ~ 2014 Edition

I have always loved a good, scary book. I read The Exorcist when I was just 12, already bored with what the children's section of my local library offered. I began looking at what was on my Mother's shelves and in the adult sections. It was there I discovered writers like Thomas Tryon, Stephen King and Mary Shelly. Now when October rolls around, I am often on the hunt for this genre to feed my warped soul. Here are my picks, a mix of classics and some new discoveries and all are available in both book & kindle format. 


Warning: Read at Your Own Risk


At this point is there anyone who has not read at least one Stephen King novel? I have read many, most recently Doctor Sleep, a belated follow up to The Shinning. However my pick is the less recent Full Dark, No Stars, a selection of chilling stories that are a little more old school King. Two have recently been adapted to the big & little screen. A Good Marriage and for Lifetime, the surprisingly well done Big Driver.


My own spooky inspired choice currently occupying my kindle is this two for one offer by Susan Hill. I did not read her best seller, The Woman in Black but enjoyed the movie. However it was this creepy but charming cover that drew me to download a sample and only a few pages in I was sold. I am 20% in and loving the slow burn, very well written and with no ideal of where I'm headed yet!


Still my favorite vampire tale to emerge during the big fang craze of the last decade, Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist is a haunting & at times beautiful little tale. Two very good faithful films adaptions have been made from it; an American one called "Let Me In" and the slightly superior original Swedish version. Still it is the book I enjoyed most. Lindgvist's first novel he has since released 3 more in the horror genre and has been dubbed the Swedish Stephen King! His most recent, Little Star is on my to read list.

I can't remember when I read The Collector or even if it was before or after I saw the excellent movie based on it. I only know I've never forgotten this unique and chilling book. A titillating character study of obsession taken to the extreme. Not your typical horror story, the shivers are in the telling.

On a scale of 1-10 in creepiness, Rosemary's Baby is a solid 9.9. Even if you have seen the movie, a fairly faithful adaptation, the book will still surprise you. After reading you will want to watch the movie again. I know I did.

I discovered Elizabeth Hand's Generation Loss, which searching out women horror writers. When I discovered the main character was a photographer it really peeked my interest. I found it to be an unrelenting, coarse journey that is part thriller, part character study and part horror story. I liked it a lot.


Also discovered during that hunt, Sara Gran, another strong female writer not afraid of the dark. I read this book, Come Closer in three sittings. Beautifully written, this tale about a women possessed by a female demon creeps up on you slowly, like a chill up the spine. So good.

This book was a big deal back in the seventies and personally gave me many nightmares, which might be why I  remember it so fondly. A so-so film version was made directed by the great Robert Mulligan back in 1972. I would love to see it attempted again, with the right treatment I am sure it could be brilliant.

Probably more haunting than horror, I first picked up this book in my teens (with this same great cover above, who could resist it?) but I never finished it. I gave it another go earlier this year and was blown away. Now one of my all time favorite books and at the top of my required reading list. It propelled me into reading every one of Jackson's novels (many of which could be on this list) and even her biography


If ghost and complicated plots are up your alley then look no further. Waters is most well known for her lesbian/victorian fiction, which is so well written two were made into acclaimed mini series. The Little Stranger is quite different in both period and plot. Though a touch slow at first, it is well worth the effort. I can also recommend her most recent effort, The Paying Guests. A detailed psychological thriller I could hardly put down.




In other related news, I had fun shooting this pretty witch for Lesley Evers and want you to enjoy this special holiday treat! Good on entire site including sale items and standard shipping is always free! Have a Kawaii Halloween! 



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Life is Short... Eat More Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

Over much trial and a little error, I have come up with a pretty foolproof pancake recipe that is also super easy. It makes 2 good size pancakes, or 1 serving so just double ingredients to add additional servings. I mix mine in a regular 8oz pitcher style pyrex mixing cup, which makes it easy to pour out your cakes. I use approximately; 1 cup flour, 1 egg, 1 tbsp sugar (I like coconut sugar), tsp baking powder, dash salt and about 1/4 cup (2 big spoonfuls) of either yogurt or sour cream… then as you mix add liquid a little at a time until you get the right consistency. Any liquid will do; water, milk, almond milk...really any. Then pour onto hot greased griddle or into hot pan. If you want to add fruit or chocolate chips or whatever then do it now, when they start to bubble a bit, flip and press. Once they are cooked through they are done!


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol