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Who is Piewacket

 I am a commercial & editorial photographer and I recently moved back to Los Angeles after many years of working in NYC and then Atlanta. I love; collecting, decorating, fashion, travel, billiards, reading, cooking, gardening, animals, writing and movies.began Pie as a photo blog in April of 2009, I wanted to make it my own little online magazine about the things I love. I also hope to inspire a little along the way by sharing what inspires me.    


The Name

 The name Piewacket is the name of the cat in one of my favorite films, Bell Book & Candle. Only they spell it "Pyewacket", I changed the Y to an I because I like pie.


Copyright Info

A note about copyright and reposting: Most of the photos (99%) on this blog are taken by me, please ask permission before reposting. All photos are copyrighted and can not be used for any commercial purposes or sites, anywhere, ever, without permission and payment. If you are interested in purchasing an image for stock use, please email me your request. For the 1% that are not mine, I always provide credit and a link to the source.



Piewacket is a very personal blog and outside submissions & "guest posts" are never considered or accepted.



Piewacket is accepting sponsored post under certain guidlines but never accepts payments for reviews. Pie is an Amazon Associate in order to help cover operating costs. Rest assured, I only recommend products I truly like, use or want. Thanks to all of you who link through Piewacket and make purchases.