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Kawaii DIY

I am waiting for my new iPhone 5 to ship, my only upgrade since the original first generation was released five years ago. I really had no choice, they are no longer doing updates for my phone and it is quickly becoming obsolete. And though I hate to admit it, the draw of an 8 mega pixel camera always at my disposal was just too great. So while I wait I've been looking for cases and discovered this addictive DIY option by Casetagram, which allows you to pull from your online images or upload from your computer to create a personal, one of kind, kawaii case.

 After browsing the gallery, I noticed themes can be very effective, so I tried one with some signage photos I've taken. You don't have to actually order a design to save them to your personal gallery, to order it will run you 39.95 including shipping.

 There are several layouts to choose from including a single image, so you could create your own design in photoshop and upload it as a single image. This is what I did above on the left or just use one single favorite image. They also do other devices including iPads.

You can also make your own book style covers for your e-reader or iPad with M-Edge's "design your own" option. I love my Smeg so much I thought why not carry it with me! I thought there design software was very easy and you can even add type or preloaded patterns. Also $40, the turn around was pretty fast for a custom made item and it feels like a little piece of art. 


For more fun gadget cuteness check out my new pinterest board Techalicous.


❃ Have a creative weekend ❃


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Reader Comments (2)

October 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJane Elliot
I would love to own a couple of your designs, is that possible?
October 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterI love dennys

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