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Patch Picks

I have not bought much for my new place in the last few months since my initial mad rush to get it camera ready for the Flea Market Style shoot. However I did splurge on some of the new Patch NYC items sold by Target, much of which is now on sale. This little fox candy dish is my favorite piece and sold out quickly, so I was lucky to find one. 

I also could not resist this leaf covered coffee pot. 

So of course I had to have the leaf dessert plates to match.


On another, more personal note, my adorable nephew Matthew is getting married today! I am not exactly sure when he grew up, since it seems just yesterday I took this photo. This is the wondrous gift that is photography, the ability to stop time, you might even call it a super power. 


✻ Have a sweet weekend! ✻


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Reader Comments (2)

I went a little nuts and bought a ton of Patch stuff! I spread it out in different rooms so its not overkill. Love anything with foxes and deers on it. The Target stuff of course is not as nice as their regular merch but at the lower price points I can't resist.

By the way I finally tracked down a copy of Flea Market Style! I loved your spread beyond words. I have never seen that mag before, I love how they really got a lot of pages in there for you and all the details. I started a couple binders (Thomas Paul binders from target!) with my favorite magazine spreads for decorating and recipes. Your pages will absolutely go in there! (Yours will be right next to Alexis Stewart's apt who also has a really cool vintage vibe... must be nice for her to buy any vintage mid century stuff without batting an eye at the price!)
October 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCherrie
Thanks so much Cherrie! I will have to check out Alexis Stewart... and yes, must be nice :) ....!
October 22, 2012 | Registered CommenterPiewacket

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