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I use to go to a little antique shop in Brooklyn, in the back they had a big box of old photos, each about a dollar or less. It always amazes me what people will throw away, to me, these represent a family's personal history. I would comb through this seeming bottomless box, looking for whatever grabbed me. One lucky day, I found this image in that box and is has since been among my favorite finds. 

The entire print is only about three inches wide and features what appears to be overlapping frames, shot by the same camera. What I find striking is how similar the compositions are, even though all the subjects are different. I scanned this at 1600 dpi, so I was able to see a lot more detail and the second woman's features suggest she is Asian. I love the matching hat styles, each has the hand bag on the arm, the same awkward stance. Especially odd to me is the apparently, unrelated people taking photos next to the women, in almost exactly the same pose and place.

Is it possible, these ladies, took the other's picture? Trading off? Or was someone else behind the lens? The man, looks like he may be in uniform, a solider? My favorite component the young girl to the right, her dress, her hair, her shoes, love, love, love! Then the light leak gives it all a haunting, ghostly feel. I plan to print it out as large as possible and frame it, keeping the scalloped edges, of course.



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This is such an interesting find. You eye is uncanny!
August 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDani D

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