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Alameda Antiques Faire~Part 2~Lunch

I was very excited when we saw the Liba food truck parked at the Alameda Faire. I had seen it on Eat St. and it was on my list of must tries! How can you resist sweet potato fries with garlic, cilantro and lime?

I think this truck's brilliance is in it's simplicity. There are only two things on the menu, the sweet potato fries and falafel sandwiches.. but she has set up an amazing condiment bar and you can fix your sandwich your way. Making it less work for the staff and more fun for you! What control freak doesn't love a DIY option? From what I read online they normally offer a few more options, but perhaps because of the venue they simplified the menu. A smart move I think... there was very little wait, despite the never ending flow of people stepping up to order.

Lesley opted for the red beets with lemon and thyme and pickled onion,while I went for a yummy eggplant relish, tomato ginger chutney and rosemary peanuts. We both added healthy doses of hummis and harissa hot sauce. Liba means Love and that is no exaggeration when it comes to owner Gail Lillian's approach to her food and how it made. 


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol


Alameda Antiques Faire~Part 1

My trip just happen to coincide with this monthly one day event which draws an eclectic crowd from all over the bay area. So designer Lesley Evers and I went and here are some of our favorite finds.

Some of my favorite items are pictured above. I was drawn to color and whimsey, which there was no shortage of on this chilly summer day in the bay.

Lesley loves vintage clothing (her orange coat is a good example) and she pulled out some items she thought would be great scores. One of her favorite booths is King Vintage and there were many other clothing sellers. There was even a seller that specialized in vintage curtain panels!

She also swooned for these vintage paint by numbers paintings and bought two. These can be pretty collectiable, I believe John Waters has a huge collection.

My favorite treasure I didn't buy was this amazing carnival inspired painting~collage. At $200, I had to pass but it will be really unique find for someone.  

I did splurge on this unique enamelware lunch box for $20.

The big bonus at this venue were food trucks! I will have my report on that adventure in Part 2!


all photos & content © Lara Rossignol